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Is Social Media to be Blamed for Rising Teen Suicides?

In the US, the rate of teenage suicide has risen from 2010 to 2015 after almost 2 decades of decline. There is even data showing that recorded from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The records show these teenage suicide are high among teen girls. This heightened number of suicide happened alongside with the surge of use with social media. There is even evidence, some from various teen health boards that the 2 may be linked.

This is actually a wake up call as this is alarming on the health for teens.

According to psychology professor and author Jean Twenge, she described the generationt hat are born after 1995 as “iGen” wherein she shared how in just a span of 5 years between 2010 to 2015, teens in the US who felt joyless and helpless has seen a sudden rise of 33 percent in the huge national surveys. Suicide attempts among teens increased to 23 percent. An even more troubling record is that the number of 13 years to 18 years of age that have committed suicide had jumped to 31 percent.

Twenge then inquire as to what could be the factor that many more teens are getting into suicide in a very short timeframe, that they would feel depressed, then attempt suicide and do it? After several scouring for more information from these large surveys for any clues, she found that all of the possibilities point back to the major change in the lives of these teens, which is the use of smartphone.

Some may be surprised, as per discussion in health boards, is that the social media elite know about these. They have a good picture as to the implications these will have on people. This could be the reason why they limit their children from view time with their smartphones, computers and even their television sets. They go so far as choose which social media services they should avail. Even the former president of Facebook, Sean Parker, left the social media giant because how it is exploiting on the vulnerability of human psychology and how it is putting the mental health of children at risk.